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In the past 15 years or so the 1967 Shelby Mustang has become one of or maybe the most desired Mustang version ever made. Nowadays most Shelby’s are financially out of reach for many, but hey we can dream right?

Many movies have had effect on the desirability of automobiles but the Eleanor Mustang in Gone in Sixty Seconds seemed to secure its place in recent pop history. After the film the requirement for the cars and components to convert cars to”clones” skyrocketed. Granted I am not a big”clone” fan. I believe that you should customize your vehicle to make it just what you want, hell go mad. But I truly hate to see the market diluted with fake cars. When Shelby construct the 67 Mustang GT 500 it was a total makeover. They left little unchanged. This beefy engine produced 355 horsepower and had the now iconic oval Cobra air cleaner and trendy finned cobra valve covers. Dare you to find one of those in a junkyard. The 67 GT 500 had the heaver duty C6 transmission or the Ford top-loader 4 rate.

It doesn’t seem like Shelby did much to even identify the 67 GT 500 as a Mustang, possibly due to the basic lines they did not feel like it was necessary or maybe they just wanted to set it that much further apart from the more conventional Fords. In 1967 they left the front of the car 3 inches more using fiberglass hood and other nose pieces. In the style that would seem a lot like the 1969 Mustang Shelby mounted two driving lights at the very outside edge of the special Shelby replacement animal exclusion. Like in previous models Shelby also place a larger opening in the fiberglass front valance to aid with cooling the major block hidden under the restyled fiberglass hood.

The interior of the 1967 Shelby was very similar to the deluxe interior of the 1967 Mustang. But even on the interior Shelby remove the direct reference directly to Ford. The door sills on the Mustangs read Product of Ford and on the Shelby’s those were replaced by a plate which read Shelby American Inc.”. All of the 67 Shelby’s had the wood rim steering wheel with brushed three spoke stainless inside. They also sported a 140 MPH speedometer and a 8000 RPM tachometer. They also had the fold down rear seat.

Of special note was the 427 GT 500. Less than 50 427 1967 GT 500 were made with the 427 engine. These certainly are cars of legend, in all my years of working with Mustangs and Shelby’s I have never seen one. Count yourself among a select few should you have one in your garage.

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