Give Your BBQ a Gourmet Kick

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Many individuals agree that the sauce on barbecued meat is like the icing on a cake.
Barbecue Sauces
Many individuals and families swear by barbecue sauce and some find it impossible to prepare meat without it. Popular types of BBQ sauce depend tremendously on the area, since many distinct areas have an opinion their own. Barbecue sauces can are generally based with pepper, vinegar, tomato or mustard and can offer either a sweet or spicy flavor to the dish. Some barbecue sauces also use alcohol like bourbon or zinfandel to add taste. Many BBQ sauces use a sweetener such as white sugar, brown sugar, molasses or maple syrup to add sweetness to the dish. Sugar burns easily and because of this, it’s ideal to bring the barbecue sauces during the previous stage of grilling.
Barbecue Rubs
Barbecue rubs are available in two forms, dry and wet. A dry rub is often a mix of dry spices and herbs that are spread over the meat and rubbed into the surface. Wet rubs are simply dry rubs with a liquid (usually oil) which binds them together. When cooking for longer periods of time, wet rubs supply moisture to the meat so the meat doesn’t become burnt or tough. Wet rubs are usually used on dishes such as fish or poultry because they don’t have as much taste, whereas dry rubs are better suited to steak and pork. Most rubs contain paprika, black pepper, ground chili and garlic powder.
Marinades are seasonings which contain acidic ingredients like vinegar, wine and citrus juice and are used to tenderize the meat. Marinades can be a mix of spices, herbs and vegetables and are used to add flavor to the dish. When you soak the meat into the marinade, the meat absorbs the ingredients and the result is a more flavorful and tender dish. The meat must soak in the marinade for a great portion of the day or even overnight to ensure it has sufficient time to consume its highest capacity. Be sure that you read the directions before marinating because some foods (such as shrimp and fish) can become mushy and soggy if they’re left in too long.
Regardless of which kind of seasoning you select, rubs, sauces and marinades add flavor and tenderness to all kinds of meat. So give your BBQ a gourmet kick and add a gourmet BBQ sauce, rub or marinade to your next barbecue.

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